Thursday, August 04, 2005

I have been really busy this week trying to get as much done on the wedding as possible. I have finished all of my Save the Date cards finally. I really like the finished product! They are magnets, so don't forget to hang them on your fridge when you get yours!

Yesterday's cake tasting was interesting... the lady we had scheduled with actually forgot that we were coming. So apprently when we showed up outside her doublewide trailor her husband had to run and put his pants on. She thawed out some frozen cupcakes for us to taste which were not nearly as good as the 2 full cakes we had tasted at the Dublin C ake Cottage. Today I went ahead and called Ann Zanon from the Dublin Cake Cottage to tell her that we would like her to do the cake. Both she and I are very excited about the design I came up with for the cake... three square layers, the first in a fondant icing in a quilted design, the next in buttercream icing with little polkadots and the top layer will be plain, smooth fondant icing with a sugar ribbon around it 'tied' in a bow. I think we will be plain when it comes to flavors of the cake: chocolate and white with delcious filling: chocolate ganache and creme brulee.

I also signed the contact with Fairfield Inn on Olentangy River Rd today. I have 5 rooms blocked for 7/7 and 10 blocked for 7/8. So anyone who needs a room can just call and ask for the Blue/Strader wedding block and you will receive the 89$/night rate on a room with either one king sized bed or two double beds.

Lastly, I've been working on making dinner reservations for the rehersal dinner at Martini's. They have not gotten back to me yet, but I hope they do! Martini's has the best food in Cbus and it's my favorite restaurant. We went there the night we got engaged so it is appropriate we go again the night of rehersal.

That's about all I have.


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