Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Photographer Chosen!
We've decided to go with Red Gallery Photography for our wedding. Our trip out there didn't really give us much more information, though. We met the photographers face to face, talked a little about the wheres, whens, and hows, and looked at pictures we've already looked at on the web site (which are impressive - you should check out their web site on the link in our last post). Now we've just got to tackle this contract with them (that has some confusing questions surprisingly), write a check, and then our photographer will be set.

There's another choice to be made though, because the photographer includes engagement photos in the package. We already have some nice engagement photos (which will be up on our web site soon - we'll announces when the site's ready to go), so we aren't sure if we want to get some more with them or not.

Cake tasting is undeniably one of the best perks of wedding planning! Tonight we've got our last one. The last place we went gave us a lot of cake! We got two cakes that were maybe eight inches in diameter that we tasted from, then got to bring home the rest! It was really really good cake. We're looking forward to seeing if this other cake place can match them. Really though, we're more concerned with how the cake looks rather than its taste. Cake is just good - we're not worried about people spitting their cake out in their napkins because it's nasty. Even any old Kroger cake wouldn't warrant that.


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