Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Take a look at our web site! It does take a little while to load and it does use Flash. If you have a slower connection, you can just use this link, but you'll miss out on the song and dance.

There are still a few things it needs, but you can at least get a preview. Namely, there are a few pictures and even names not in there yet that we'll be adding soon. We'll also be adding more and more pictures over the next several months. We may even post a copy of our slideshow we'll be showing at the reception (complete with music, photos and even a little commentary between pictures) !


Anonymous Nancy Jackson said...

Hi Adam,
Finally got time to look at your website--it's great, I'm impresssed with the music & visuals. Not to mention that you & Leslie are a very handsome couple. It will be fun to keep up-to-date on your plans.

It was good to visit with you Wed. evening.

I'm new at this blogging so hope you receive this.

A. Nancy

6:49 PM  

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